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High Pedigree Whitetail Does For Sale in Florida 

When we first started Stubbs Whitetails, we visited a ton of Florida deer farms and went to all the breeder conventions. We heard many different success stories and many failures, which allowed us to learn from other’s mistakes and experiences. One mistake that was most common among deer farms was their failure to buy high-quality genetics from the start.

They weren’t talking about bucks, but rather about does. High genetic, pedigree proven, environmentally tolerant, high cost does. They simply wanted to save money on does and invest more into their bucks, and this cost them greatly in the long run.

The Best Whitetail Doe Genetics in Florida

We wanted this to be a business, not just a hobby, so we watched which genetics of does sold for the most money at all the nationwide deer auctions, and found that Texas genetics were the answer. There are so many advantages with Texas genetics across the board, but size of offspring was the most important, so we invested our money into this pedigree from the start and haven’t looked back.

Come out to our farm and you will see some of the most relaxed healthy whitetail does in Florida. Whether your looking to start a farm or greatly enhance your hunting preserve genetics, our breeder does are some of the best in the state.

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