Stocker Bucks

High-Pedigree Whitetail Bucks For Sale in Florida

At Stubbs Whitetails, our goal is to breed some of the highest-producing trophy whitetail bucks in Florida. We only breed with the best possible Texas-pedigree sires and does, which means any of our bucks would be a great investment for your farm or preserve.

Come out to our farm or give us a call to learn what bucks are currently for sale.

Trophy Breeder Bucks in FL

Although we are believers in building trophy bloodlines through quality breeder does, adding big breeder bucks into the mix will always be an important part of building a high-pedigree deer herd. When you buy a stocker buck from us, you can be assured that it carries incredible Texas genetics from both of its parents that will be passed down into its offspring and help you develop amazing trophy potential on your hunting preserve or in your breeding program.

We sell everything from buck fawns to mature stocker bucks and are here to help you select the right deer for your needs. Get in touch with us to start the process of improving your whitetail herd quality.

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