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Family owned and operated deer farm in Florida.

Florida’s Top Whitetail Deer Breeder

We are a family owned and operated deer breeding operation that raises some of the highest quality whitetail deer in the state of Florida. One visit to our farm and you will see the deep respect that we have for this wonderful animal. When getting our land ready for fencing, we wanted to keep as much natural environment and trees as possible in order to help the overall health of our deer herd. This, among other factors and lots of hard work have paid off with a low stress deer herd and some of the most relaxed, beautiful high pedigree whitetail deer in Florida. When you buy a deer from us, you know it has been raised with the best care and genetic development possible.

Our Approach to Deer Breeding


From the very beginning, after much research and many farm visits, we decided to breed with Texas genetics as much as possible. We didn’t want to just breed big deer, we wanted to breed healthy deer, and conversations with some of the top Cervidae biologists in the state taught us that Texas genetics have a much higher survival rate in the hot Florida environment. Now, after over 5 years of high pedigree deer breeding we grow some of the biggest whitetail bucks in Florida, hitting 200 inches of a main typical frame at one year old. Any of our breeder does would be a tremendous start to a new deer farm or greatly enhancing genetics on any hunting preserve. Give us a call or come take a farm visit, as we would love to share our experience with you.

Conveniently Located in Central Florida

Stubbs Whitetails is centrally located in Wimauma, FL just Southeast of Tampa, allowing us to easily serve the entire state of Florida. Our deer farm is only a 30 minute drive from Tampa, less than 2 hours from Orlando and Fort Myers, and even cities farther north like Jacksonville and Tallahassee are only a 4 to 5 hour drive. Whether you are making plans for transporting your new deer or just want to visit our farm and see our breeding stock, Stubbs Whitetails is only a stone’s throw away.

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