A.I. Sires

A.I. Sires at Stubbs Whitetails

At Stubbs Whitetails we artificially inseminate with some of the best bucks in the country, producing high pedigree does for breeding and great breeder or stocker bucks.

When building our breeding program, there were so many amazing sires to choose from it was almost overwhelming, so we chose not to go with just what looked best, but what worked best with our does. The outcome has been a desirable look that any farm or preserve can build around.

Texas-Pedigree Trophy Whitetail Sires

Rowdy, our “Texas super sire”, produced our largest buck to date which was over 200 inches as a yearling. If that doesn’t say something about our genetics, we aren’t sure what will. Of course, it’s not just the buck that gives you a deer like that – the does are just as important, if not more.

If you’re looking for foundation does or breeder bucks from great bloodlines, we have them!

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